Violence erupts at Aurat March in Islamabad

Islamabad: The Aurat March is a significant event that aims to highlight the plight of women in Pakistan and celebrate their resilience and achievements. However, the peaceful protest took an unfortunate turn as it turned violent due to clashes between the marchers and the police. 

The police allegedly used force to disperse the protesters, which resulted in injuries and chaos. The incident highlights the need for greater awareness and respect for women’s rights and freedom to protest peacefully without fear of violence or retaliation. 


It is essential that the government takes steps to ensure the safety and security of protesters and investigate any allegations of police brutality. Despite the violence, the spirit of the Aurat March will continue to thrive, and women across Pakistan will continue to fight for their rights and dignity.

According to reports by the public, there was a heated argument between the police and rally participants when the police questioned the significant number of transgender individuals attempting to join the rally. The report stated that numerous women also joined the march in large groups.

Women’s in march also claimed that police tried hard to stop them from doing the rally. 

At the rally, the participants voiced their support for women’s rights by chanting slogans and were accompanied by transgender individuals, who were stopped by the police for questioning.

According to a local News channel, disorder broke out outside the Islamabad Press Club, and the marchers started chanting slogans against the government and the media.

Reporters at the Aurat March expressed their apprehension over being caught up in the violent clash that occurred at the event. 


Although they had been covering the rally peacefully earlier in the day, they became caught up in the altercation. A female reporter and a cameraman from a local news channel were among those who sustained injuries. 

Despite the violence, the Federal Minister for Climate Change, Sherry Rehman, joined the rally and spoke out strongly against the violent behaviour. Rehman’s participation highlights the need for the government to take responsibility for the safety of peaceful protesters and ensure that events like the Aurat March can occur without the threat of violence or harm.

In a tweet posted on her Twitter account, Sherry Rehman expressed her support for the Aurat March participants and condemned the actions of the Islamabad police. She acknowledged that the protesters had every right to feel upset and criticized the police for using force against a small, peaceful procession. Rehman emphasized that the women holding weapons should be restrained rather than the progressive women participating in the march. She expressed sadness over the situation and promised to seek an inquiry into the incident.

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