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Belgium: Ghent is located in the northwestern region of Belgium. The city sits on the confluence of the Rivers Leie and Scheldt. With 35% of its residents having roots outside of Belgium, it is a culturally diverse city which adds to its ambience. If you want to spend a perfect weekend that you will never forget, you should opt for the medieval city of Ghent, Belgium. 

With its gothic buildings, majestic castle, and intriguing architecture, it feels like an enchanting trip back in time that will capture your heart and imagination.


 There is a vibe and energy here that will astound you. This city has quite a story to tell, and once you have visited, you will also want to praise its wonders.

The magnificent castle of the Counts of Flanders, Gravensteen, dates from 1180. Gravensteen Castle is an excellent example of the motte-and-bailey castle, a fortification with a wooden or stone keep situated on a raised area called a motte. 

It sits at the heart of Ghent, and it’s location and impressive restoration make it one of the most-imposing moated castles in Europe. 

Ghent is well known for its extensive public squares and marketplaces, among which is the Vrijdagmarkt, “Friday Market,” the center of the life of the medieval city. If you enjoy life’s little luxuries, you will fall in love with the markets.

To conclude, the essence of Ghent makes this city so remarkable. It would be easy to spend hours wandering the beautiful ancient streets, absorbing the incredible architecture and vibrant community. It is invigorating to feel its pulse and energy and appreciate its uniqueness and character. You will quickly discover why it has won many tourism accolades and international acclaim.

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