Train accident in Southern Germany left 4 people dead; many injured: Officials

Europe: A train accident that took place in Southern Germany on Friday left about four individuals dead as well as many more wounded, according to the authorities.

The police officer stated that the regional train headed for Munich appeared to have derailed shortly after noon in Burgrain, just on the outskirts of the resort town of Garmisch-Partenkirchen, from where it was set off. Three(3) of the double-deck carriages overturned at least partly, as well as people, were pulled out of the windows to safety.

Police highlighted on Twitter that four individuals were killed. They put the number of those who were wounded at about 30, 15 of whom were seriously injured and taken to the health care centres.

Along with this, the cause of the derailment was still being investigated. It was unclear about the number of people who were on the train at the time, but officials outlined several students were on board heading home from the educational institution for the Whitsun holiday.

Bavaria’s governor stated that he was shocked and saddened by the disaster. He said, “We grieve with the relatives of the victims and wish all who have been injured a speedy recovery.”

“The students, in particular, were looking forward to the holidays. Lots of respect and thanks to the rescue services for their swift help.”

The line between Garmisch-Partenkirchen as well as Oberau, north of the accident site, was closed. The area is near the Austrian border.

Train travel is popular among commuters as well as tourists alike in Germany, which has a dense network of local and long-distance trains.

While accident is rare compared to road travel, several fatal rail incidents have been in recent years.

In addition, a train dispatcher was sentenced to 3 and half years in prison over a 2016 crash that killed 12 individuals in Bad Aibling, around 80 kilometres northeast of Garmisch-Partenkirchen. The dispatcher admitted playing a game on his phone shortly before two trains collided on a single-track line.

Furthermore, one man died earlier this year after the driver of a commuter train south of Munich ran a stop signal, resulting in a collision with another train.

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