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Greece: Amani Swiss extends support to Ukraine, announces donation of 1.8M Medical supplies

The Managing Director of Amani Swiss, Irini Karipidis has announced their intention to donate medicines worth USD 1.8 Million to the people of Ukraine

Pakistan Finance Ministry fails to provide sovereign guarantee to residents

Pakistan: Pakistan Finance Ministry failed to provide a sovereign guarantee to residents; now, the fifth unit of the Chashma Nuclear Power Generating Station, C5, hit a snag, as per the reports.

Ireland: MLA Diane Forsythe shares update on Downpatrick Living High Streets Initiative

Diane Forsythe, Member of the Legislative Assembly of Northern Ireland (MLA), shared an update on Downpatrick Living High Streets Initiative. She mentioned this pilot initiative could be transformative for Downpatrick, with successful delivery being then rolled out on High Streets in towns across the District.

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