Israel’s knockdown of internet might be a signal of beginning Gaza’s ground invasion

Israel knocked out internet and communication networks in the Gaza Strip with continuous aerial bombing Friday night, mainly cutting off its 2.3 million people from internet services

US President’s effort to stop war fails amid Gaza hospital attack

US President Joe Biden touched down in Israel on Wednesday for a diplomatic effort to stop the war with Hamas from converting into an even larger conflict, a challenge made more difficult after an explosion that killed hundreds in a Gaza hospital Tuesday evening

Hamas supporters gathered to attack Sydney Opera House with flares & burn Israeli flags

Sydney Opera House was illuminated in the colours of the Israeli flag, so hundreds of Hamas supporters gathered to attack the Opera House with flares & burn Israeli flags

India and Bhutan pledges to strengthen bond on India’s Republic Day

India: Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi greeted and thanked Bhutan counterpart Lotay Tshering for his warm wishes and message to India on its Republic Day. In a revert message, Modi wrote, "India is always known for its unique partnership with its neighbour."

Belgian Minister Kitir declined to visit Gaza by Israeli authorities

The Development and Cooperation Minister, Meryame Kitir, was going to visit on Wednesday, but the Israeli authorities said no to give her permission to take entry into the Palestinian territory.

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