Israel’s knockdown of internet might be a signal of beginning Gaza’s ground invasion

Israel knocked out internet and communication networks in the Gaza Strip with continuous aerial bombing Friday night, mainly cutting off its 2.3 million people from internet services with each other and the outside world and creating a near-blackout of information.

As per local media reports, more than 100 Israeli warplanes have participated in bombing large areas of the Gaza Strip since the conflict began on October 7, 2023.

According to multiple outlets, Israeli ground forces have increased their activity in the region ahead of a potential all-out ground invasion that experts have warned could be filled with high casualties for both sides.

Since the past 14 hours, Gaza has been completely blacked out. They are currently cut off from electricity and the Internet and have no lines of communication to Journalists or Civilians.

The Internet and phone services collapsed in the Gaza Strip under intensified bombardment Friday night, largely cutting off its 2.3 million people from the outside world and each other, as Israel’s military said it was “expanding” its ground operations in the besieged territory.

Experts remark that Israel appears to have begun a “rolling start” to its long-anticipated ground invasion of Gaza. Israel Defense Forces are saying its ground operation in Gaza is expanding with new targeted attacks on Hamas infrastructure and its underground tunnel network.

The military’s announcement calling it an expansion of activities signalled it was moving closer to an all-out invasion of Gaza, where it has vowed to crush the ruling Hamas militant group after its bloody incursion in southern Israel three weeks ago.

The recent footage of Gaza shows a dark sky lighting up as fighter jets attack Gaza. Two large streaks of black smoke can also be seen in the images shared by unknown sources.

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