France may transfer Mirage 2000 fighters from French Air Force to Ukraine

Paris, France: An Agreement for Ukraine to obtain Mirage-2000D ground attack versions has apparently been made. France is looking to increase Ukraine's Air Force strength by providing them with the French-made Mirage-2000D

Cruise Norwegian Epic to visit Italy, France and Croatia

Norwegian Epic, the giant Cruise ship owned by Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings, will leave Trieste (Venice), Italy, on 27 October 2023 for its journey to the epic Cruise journey in Europe's most desirable destinations

France: Paul Pogba to face lengthy time out if proven guilty of doping offence

FIFA World Cup 2018 winner Paul Pogba has been anticipated to get suspended for four years if proven guilty following a doping control test detected artificially raised levels of testosterone

France to deploy 76 drones to detect migrants attempting reaching England

France is set to deploy up to 76 surveillance cameras – on drones, helicopters and an airplane – along its northern coast to detect migrants attempting to depart for England

Eiffel Tower: How most hated monument become most recognisable symbol of France

Paris, France: What's the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Paris? Probably the Eiffel Tower. It is a global symbol of France, and over 7,000,000 tourists visit it every year. But people hated the Eiffel Tower at first. They called it humiliating, monstrous, and "too American"

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