Earthside to embark on UK/EU tour from Oct 1, know schedule

Earthside - the music band felt ecstatic to be touring around Europe again and with familiar nightliner-mates from the last time they were across the pond. The band will be beginning its tour on Sunday, October 1, from Cologne, Germany. 

MEP Elena Kountoura emphasize on energy crisis in Europe

The European Parliament member (MEP), Elena Kountoura, shared an update on the energy crisis in Europe, Eurobond, to address the energy crisis.

Europe’s natural gas supplies might be fully depleted by next year: Reports

Energy specialists are now cautioning that Europe's natural gas supplies might be fully depleted by January of the following year.

Increase in cost of gas, energy are raising difficulty for residents to pay bills

In Belgium, the majority of the residents of the nation are facing issues while paying the energy bills as the prices for the electricity as well as gas are increasing day by day.

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