Sans Disk offering deals on Amazon during Prime Day

We all know that this week there is Prime Day sale on Amazon, and the online retailer is offering deals on almost every product available on the website. Apart from the deals on smartphones, gaming consoles, and other electronic products, SanDisk is also offering discounts on its flash drives, microSD cards and SSDs in the wake of the Prime Day sale.

Out of the many deals that SanDisk is offering on a bunch of its products, the best deal is on SanDisk’s 1TB A2 microSD card. The 1TB A2 microSD card was the world’s first 1TB card to get a release date a few months ago. During the Prime Day sale, the 1TB A2 microSD card is available at $340 following it is seeing $85 discount on its original price.

Most of the people won’t require such an amount of storage in their smartphones or other portable products unless they record lots of 4K video on their devices or download hundreds of games to their Nintendo Switch.

SanDisk besides offering a discount on 1TB A2 microSD card is also offering deals on the 128GB version of the same card. The 128 GB version of the card is available at $19.99 as it sees a $5 discount on the usual price. Although, keep in mind that even A2 cards like this one aren’t great for running apps from. Following are all the SD deals:

The 256 GB version of the SD card is available at $30, whose original price is $40. While the 400GB version of the SD card is retailing at $45 as it sees $11 off on MRP of $56. Last but not the least 512GB version is available at $100, whose original price is $150.

SanDisk besides offering deals on the said models are also offering discounts on external USB drives, flash drives, SSDs, and slower microSD cards.

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