Romania relaxes entire COVID-19 restrictions

The Romanian government has made the declaration that all of the COVID-19 rules and regulations have been lifted up.

The Interior Ministry of Romania has stated the need to show the COVID-19 related documents, restrictions, as well as prohibitions, including the closed border crossing points, obligation to wear protective facial masks, organizing rallies, concerts, sports events, and working from home in a bid to protect the health of the individuals, will no longer be applicable in the territory.

The Hungarian border of Romania, such as Carei, Satu, and Mare, as well as the Romanian-Bulgarian border, Lipnita, Dobromoit, Constanta, has unrestricted for all of the travellers, including the people from the United States, as of March 9.

Along with this, the Minister of Internal Affairs named Nicolae Lucian Bode mentioned, “I thank the Romanians for the responsibility they showed because they understood to respect the rules of health protection and chose to get vaccinated, thus limiting the spread of the Covid pandemic – 19. Together we managed to overcome difficult moments, and this attempt will give us the strength to overcome all the challenges that the future holds for us.”

On March 9, the travellers that are arriving in Romania are free from showing a pre-departure test, proof of vaccination, on-arrival or post-arrival test, the need of quarantine, or the categorization of travellers based on their epidemiological
the situation of the countries they are coming from.

On the other hand, the need to present the Passenger Locator Form (PLF) to the authorities of Romania remains effective as well as non-compliance can be fined up to €608.

As per the information shared by only eight million inhabitants, Romania is the second-lease vaccinated nation in the European Union after Bulgaria, with 41.8 percent of the population being adequately vaccinated against the infection.

Furthermore, the total population of Romania has been around 20 million, of which approximately 2,781,086 of the individuals has been infected from the COVID-19 infection since the pandemic has started.

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