Peugeot to Revolutionize Driving with Rectangular Steering Wheel by 2026

Paris, May 24, 2024 – In a bold move set to redefine automotive design, Peugeot announced on Friday that it will introduce a rectangular steering wheel to its cars by 2026. 

This announcement was made by the company’s product head, Jérôme Micheron, during a tech event in Paris. 

The new steering wheel, dubbed “Hypersquare,” is showcased on a concept car at the Vivatech exhibition, highlighting the French automaker’s innovative approach.

The Hypersquare steering wheel is part of Peugeot’s transition to “steer by wire” technology, which replaces the traditional mechanical steering column with electronic connections. 

This advancement allows for a more compact and flexible design, enhancing the driving experience. 

Peugeot, renowned for its smaller steering wheels, is taking a significant leap with this futuristic design that promises improved control and agility.

Micheron emphasized that this new steering wheel will debut in 2026, marking the start of Peugeot’s product range renewal. He stated, “This steering wheel can be controlled with just 150° movements. 

It requires less effort and retains a sense of agility.” According to Micheron, drivers quickly adapt to this system, which has been tested extensively with positive feedback from customers.

The Hypersquare steering wheel integrates four spaces for buttons, including functions such as cruise control, while the indicators are positioned conventionally behind the wheel. 

This design ensures that drivers have easy access to essential controls without distraction. 

The rectangular shape is not merely for aesthetic appeal but is designed to enhance the driving experience by reducing the effort needed to steer.

A critical aspect of this innovation is the electronic system redundancy that ensures safety. In case of a malfunction, the system is designed to maintain steering control, preventing any potential loss of functionality. This feature underscores Peugeot’s commitment to safety while pushing the boundaries of automotive technology.

Peugeot has not revealed the supplier aiding in the development of the Hypersquare steering wheel. However, it is speculated that major German firms, such as ZF and Schaeffler, which are heavily invested in steer-by-wire technology, might be involved. 

These companies are at the forefront of developing advanced automotive technologies, and their collaboration with Peugeot could signal significant advancements in the industry.

The introduction of the Hypersquare steering wheel is more than just a design change; it represents Peugeot’s vision for the future of driving. 

Peugeot aims to enhance driver comfort and vehicle performance by integrating advanced technology and innovative design. The move aligns with the broader industry trend towards increased automation and electronic control systems in vehicles.

Peugeot’s decision to equip its vehicles with the Hypersquare steering wheel marks a pivotal moment in automotive design and technology. As the company looks to renew its product range, this innovation is set to become a hallmark of future Peugeot models.

With its promise of improved control, reduced effort, and enhanced safety, the Hypersquare steering wheel is poised to redefine the driving experience for Peugeot customers.

The automotive world will be watching closely as Peugeot prepares to roll out this groundbreaking technology, which could set a new standard for steering systems across the industry. 

As 2026 approaches, anticipation builds for the debut of the first Peugeot model equipped with the Hypersquare steering wheel, heralding a new era of driving innovation.

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