Numerous Tesla Model Y arrived at port of Belgium, will shortly get delivered to owners

A huge train carrying hundreds of Tesla Model Y cars was spotted in Germany. They will reach the port of Belgium to go to many new owners in Europe. Tesla is gaining so much popularity due to its advanced features and all-electric drive, reducing carbon footprint.

The model Y cars have arrived at Belgium Port and will shortly delivered to the owners. On September 7, 2023, the Tesla light show was filmed on the new Tesla Model 3 for the first time.

Tesla is preparing a large shipment of its latest variant of the Model 3, the Highland, to be exported to European countries. Drone footage captured outside Tesla’s Gigafactory in Shanghai shows an extensive collection of Highland Model 3 and Model Y units ready for shipment.

Tesla also announced that European customers are getting an updated Model 3 in Fall 2024. Immediately noticeable is a more sculpted, refined face. The upper lip of the nose is now a straight line, with smaller, more sharp-edged headlights and a flush hood.

The result is better aerodynamics and less wind noise for more range and a quieter interior — 344 miles WLTP for the rear-wheel drive version and 421 miles WLTP for the long-range variant.

The Highland, manufactured at Tesla’s Chinese production facility, features several design changes and new features, such as a Blind Spot Indicator. Deliveries of the Model 3 Highland are scheduled to begin in October, and it will be available in various markets in Asia, Europe, the Middle East, and Canada.

The Tesla plant in Shanghai has emerged as an important export hub for the company, primarily for Model 3 production. Tesla also had a production hub opened in Germany on March 22, 2022, which mainly produces Model Y.

For the past two years, the Shanghai production house has assisted the company in fulfilling the demands of Asia and Europe. The company also began shipping the Model 3 to Canada to take advantage of electric vehicle incentives.

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