MS Ambience sets to arrive in Zeebrugge, Belgium, in December 2023

Zeebrugge, Belgium: MS Ambience Cruise, operated by Ambassador Cruise line, is set to arrive in Zeebrugge during the Festive Christmas Market River Cruise Getaway.

The vessel will begin its journey from Tilbury, UK, to a four-night River Cruise journey visiting Amsterdam, Netherlands and then arriving at Zeebrugge, the famous Belgian port and seaside resort.

MS Ambience will depart from Tilbury on December 17, 2023, spending four nights in European waters and seaside resorts in the UK, Netherlands and Belgium.

Launched in 1990, MS Ambience was used for North American routes until 2000 and then was deployed on the company’s Australian routes. Later, the vessel was used in the Mediterranean and Baltic seas.

The traveller interested in visiting Zeebrugge can reserve their place in MS Ambience for just £223 per person. Sara Melton at Hays Travel, a UK-based travel agent and holiday planner, is the four-night Cruise tour from only £222.75 Per Person, based on an inside cabin.

Here is the four day Cruise schedule for MS Ambience beginning from December 17, 2023-

December 17 – Departing Tilbury, UK
December 18 – Amsterdam, Netherlands
December 19- Zeebrugge, Belgium
December 20- Tilbury, UK

Zeebrugge is a port city in Belgium that also serves as a seaside resort. It is connected to the town of Bruges via the Baudouin Canal.

The old fish market located in the marina is home to Seafront, a theme park that highlights the local maritime and fishing traditions. The Seafront exhibits include a Russian submarine.

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