Ireland reports huge increase in international travelers registered last month, shows data

The authorities reported a significant increase in international travelers registered in Ireland in the previous month. According to the information shared by the sources, the sudden rise in foreign travelers is mainly because of the rules and regulations which were introduced as part of the efforts to prevent the further spread of the variant of the COVID-19 infection.

As per the figures of Ireland’s Central Statistic Office (CSO), the maximum number of 787,300 international travelers that arrived in Ireland in the month of February, there is a 34 percent rise compared to January 2022 February 2021 data.

Moreover, in the previous month, the figures are still 35.2 percent below in the comparison of pre-pandemic levels.

Based on the CSO’s data, in the month of January 2022, there were a maximum of 584,100 international comings in Ireland, while in February 2021, there were about 54,800.

Along with this, Ireland has also been highly affected by the spread of the variants of the COVID-19 infection case at the end of February month 2020, while it is the tourism sector was significantly affected by the travel rules and regulations as well as other bans imposed to halt its further spread.

In 2019, around 9.7 million individuals have visited Ireland and brought in more than $5.6 billion for its hospitality industry.

Furthermore, the government of Ireland mentioned in a statement, “There are no post-arrival testing or quarantine requirements for travelers to Ireland. Travel carriers will not ask to check a PLF receipt prior to traveling to Ireland. Any individual that develops Covid-19 symptoms while in Ireland should follow the HSE (Health Service Executive) guidance in relation to isolation and undertaking antigen or PCR testing as appropriate.”

On March 6, the Authorities in Ireland has relaxed their entry regulations as part of the effort to help the nation’s industries recover from the damages that have been caused by the spread of the most contagious variant of COVID-19 and the other strains.

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