Here is the list of 10 strange and weird food items found in India

Indian food is a beautiful blend of the way of life and variety essential for the country. When you contemplate Indian food, you ponder the rich flavours, the mouth-watering and eye-watering flavours, the marvellous pleasantness of our mithais and the fine fragrances.

Yet, there is abnormal food in India that individuals eat, which will leave you amazed in the light of the fact that these particular dishes are a long way from the standard sorts of Indian cooking that individuals have developed to cherish. A portion of these dishes could try and keep Bear Grylls honest!

1. Jadot

This dish is famous with the Jaintia clan of the North East, transcendently Meghalaya. It comprises rice cooked with pigs’ or chickens’ blood and insides. It resembles your ordinary Pulav, yet with blood and digestive organs.

2. Doh Khlieh

Another from Meghalaya comes to the rundown. This is the same, assuming you’ve had pork and onion salad. There is a trick here. It’s the decorating that it accompanies. This delicacy is embellished with steamed pig mind; yes, you read that right. If that doesn’t meet all requirements for it to be on the rundown of abnormal food in India, then we don’t know what will. Pig Mind, anybody?

3. Dog Meat

All you canine sweethearts can avoid this one! However, unlike the rest of the country, Nagaland has treats that incorporate canines, bugs, pork, meat, crabs and even elephants. The canine heart is arranged in various ways and is #1 among the ancestral networks of Nagaland, Mizoram and Manipur.

4. Chaprah

Red insects, their eggs and a few flavours; how does that sound to you? Perhaps it repulses you, or maybe it intrigues you. However, the clans in Chhatisgarh declare by the impactful and hot chutney of the red insects. They even utilize red insects for decorating. How about we generally evaluate a few insects?

5. Baby Shark Curry

This was a finished shock to me, which is why it must be on the rundown of unusual food in India. On the off chance that you’re in Goa, you’ll observe that this is a star dish of Goan food. Think about it like some other fish, honestly. Since it’s incredibly challenging to get and all around cherished by local people, this is one curry that won’t come for inexpensively. Who fears sharks any longer?

6. Frog legs

This fascinating delicacy is essential for the Goan and Sikkim cooking styles. The battered and seared frog legs are viewed as of extraordinary restorative worth by the Lepchas people group in Sikkim. Having restored loose bowels and other stomach ailments are known. Also, no; you won’t begin bouncing like frogs after eating it.

7. Eri Polu

Love that new silk saree you purchased? Indeed, thank the silkworms! Yet, that is not everything that could be given to you. Here in Assam, silkworm pupae are a much-cherished delicacy. The Eri silkworm is utilized after it has turned its case. It is generally presented with Khorisa, a dish ready from matured bamboo shoots.

8. Phan Put

You veggie lovers presumably expected no vegan dishes here. Indeed, (un)fortunately, there is one! Potatoes are essential for the staple eating routine for a more significant part of the Indians. The equivalent with this is necessary for the traditional North East Indian food. Then again, the potatoes are spoiled. Ask them for a good reason, and they’ll tell you how flavorful it is. This one most likely tops the rundown of peculiar food in India, which individuals eat as the primary fixing is spoiled!! In any case, individuals genuinely appreciate eating it, and they have no hesitations about eating it crude or cooking it like some other vegetable.

9. Nahkham

This dish is number one among individuals from Meghalaya’s Garo clan. This delicacy is produced using dried fish, vegetables (assuming you need any) and refined remains. Indeed, a similar one you get from consuming something. It tastes scrumptious. The main issue is the smell – it smells spoiled.

10. Sorpotel (Chouricos)

If you haven’t had enough of pigs at this point, here is one more Goan delicacy you can test. This dish has Portuguese and is composed in the same way as other rarities in Goa. Sorpotel is made with pork offal. In less complex words, it is made of a pig’s inner organs.

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