‘Germany is already crisis and Winter proof’, says Scholz

Olaf Scholz, the chancellor of Germany, said in a statement that the nation is already crisis- and winter-proof. Thanks to the federal government, its honest taxpayers and its hardworking citizens.

Thanks to a fresh approach to energy, defence, and trade policy in Europe’s largest economy, Germany is strong enough to weather the crisis brought on by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and emerge stronger from it, Chancellor Olaf Scholz emphasized on Wednesday.

In his address to the Bundestag lower house of parliament, Scholz said, “We are doing away with the flaws of an energy and trade policy that has led us into one-sided dependence on Russia and China, in particular.” He added that continuing as before was not an option.

The Social Democrat chancellor declared, “Germany has the strength to master the crisis and emerge stronger from it,” adding that his administration would not simply maintain the status qu

Scholz discussed the difficulty of Europe, whose several nations were suffering due to the ongoing Russia-Ukraine problems. He said that because Germany had already made preparations and amassed the necessary resources to stave off the impacts of war on the nation, there had been no significant effects.

The Russian gas firm “Gazprom” cut off natural gas supplies to Europe after sabotaging the gas supply of Europe and NATO countries for helping Ukraine during the invasion, which increased tensions across the entire continent as winter drew near.

Germany was the first European country to reach the goal necessary to meet the gas demand during the winter, as per the rules provided by the EU to every European country to fill their gas storage to 90% until November.

He noted that energy costs will reach a level that experts anticipated in 2024 thanks to Berlin’s upcoming price caps on gas and electricity.
Then, according to Scholz, “there will be more liquefied gas terminals on the grid, and the rapid growth of renewable energies will also have an even more lavish impact.”

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