France lifts masks mandates on public transport as COVID cases decline/drop

France, Europe: The COVID cases have been dropped, and the travel rules and regulations are all over many nations. That now also includes France, where it will no longer be mandatory to wear a mask on public transport from Monday.

It is one of the last measures France has against the COVID-19 infection, but the Minister of Health Oliver Véran has confirmed that it will be removed.

Moreover, Véran, at a Council of Ministers meeting, mentioned in the statement, “From Monday, May 16, wearing a facial mask will no longer be compulsory in all public transport.”

The requirement of using face masks requirement is concerning the metro, but trains, planes as well as taxis.

Véran stated, “Wearing a mask is still recommended but is no longer compulsory,” explaining that the rules and regulations are “no longer suitable” as COVID-19 is reducing all over France.

Along with this, in 2020, France had tough restrictions. The individuals were only allowed to go out for essentials or to exercise in an effort to curb the rate of infections.

The nation has copied France’s implementation of a curfew, as well as a bordering country often had similar measures in place.

In addition, Belgium still needed the travellers to wear a mask on public transport, but if it is to follow France again, this restriction may change here too.

Furthermore, the infections and people getting admitted to the hospitals have fallen in 2022, with some scientists saying that we are in an endemic phase rather than a pandemic. That does not mean that COVID-19 has disappeared, but infections will remain static and something that can be managed.

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