European journalists are facing life-threats for covering anti-lockdown protests

Journalists in Europe are facing harmful physical attacks while covering the news story. As per the reports, the number of incidents with the newsmen is increasing. In 2019 and 2021, the attacks have been raised more than before.

In 2019 there were 33 attacks noticed. Meanwhile, 51 was recorded in 2021, around 76 were shown in 2021. Covering health crisis-related information is also not allowed for journalists in Hungary, Bulgaria, Serbia and Russian Federation.

The data shared by the sources, the journalist that was brutally attacked while the coverage of the news and most of them were either assaulted while covering anti- vaccination news or on the other hand, the information about the protest of anti-lockdown in Europe. This is a threat to the media people, the protection of the journalists, and the media’s freedom.

Moreover, Campaigners have highlighted the attacks on the journalist of Europe. There was a meeting with the officials in the Council of Europe committee. They said more protection is required for the journalists.

As per the information, the media people face some difficulties while working in their own field. They are getting life threats because of covering the news. The majority of the reporters get assaulted while covering the news of the COVID-19 green pass of the country.

In October 2021, The green pass was presented by the Italian government, which is a verification certificate about the details that a person is fully vaccinated. It includes whether the person is fully vaccinated, tested vaccinated, whether the person is fully vaccinated, tested negative or if the person is positive, the recovered from the virus. It is imperative that all the workers show it in their workplace while visiting a restaurant and while attending significant events.

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