Deputy PM Sophie Wilmès temporarily resigns due to husband’s brain cancer

Deputy Prime Minister of Belgium and Minister of Foreign Affairs Sophie Wilmès has declared to take a leave, as her husband has brain cancer, so she decided to take a leave of absence and spend more time with her family.

According to the sources, the Deputy Minister shared the information on Thursday, April 21, that Christopher has been diagnosed with “aggressive brain cancer”,

Further, she added that her job demanded “rigour, availability, and total commitment that will not allow me to provide help and comfort that Christopher and our children will need”.

“I want to be there for him like he has always been there for us,” she said.

On her social media Twitter official account, she noted that the family circumstances had compelled her to stop working.

“Life sometimes takes painful turns, unfortunately,” Wilmes writes. “Today, the disease has suddenly entered our lives—especially that of my husband, Christopher. Like so many men, women, and even children, he has to deal with aggressive brain cancer.”

On April 21, 2022, The Prime wrote a letter on her Twitter handle that “Being a minister requires discipline, availability and total dedication, which would prevent me from providing the help and comfort that Christopher and our children need during this difficult time. I want to be there for him as he has always been there for us and fight this battle with him and our children.”

Therefore, she writes, she has decided, in full consultation with the Prime Minister and her party, to step down from her current ministerial position without pay immediately. “This will allow us to observe our position until the summer.”
“Take care of yourself,” concluded Wilmes.

Wilmès was the first lady to serve as the Prime Minister of Belgium from 2019 to 202, and she was a member of the Reformist Movement.

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