Belgium steps closer towards Sustainable Development Goals presented by UN’s 2030 Agenda: Data

At a slow and steady pace, the Kingdom of Belgium is moving towards the progress of most of its Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) as presented by the United Nations’ 2030 Agenda, as per the data published by Eurostat, which is the European Union’s statistics agency.

The nation has made its way towards its all targets of Sustainable Development as well as it is mainly doing so at a rate above the European average. The government is making significant advancements in reforms to the industry, health and well-being, justice, as well as economic growth.

Moreover, in 2022, the “Monitoring report on progress towards the SDGs in an EU context” provides all the further information about the headway of Belgium in hitting its particular development targets. The nation itself has carried out to advancements all over the aspects of the economy, government, environment, and society.

Particularly, Belgium now has the second-largest expenditure on research & development as a percentage of GDP in the EU. It also employs the second-largest proportion of its people in this area. According to Eurostat data, Belgium is making faster development than the EU average in this area.

Belgium devotes around 3.5 percent of its GDP to this aim, which is expected to result in technological advancements that will lessen the industry’s environmental effects.

Along with this, in terms of health and well-being, Belgium presently has one of the highest proportions of persons in the European Union who have “excellent or very good perceived” health. In addition, about 75 Percent of Belgians rated their health as good or excellent in 2020.

Belgium has one of the lowest smoking rates in Europe, with just over 25 Percent of adults smoking, compared to the EU average of roughly 25 percent.

Furthermore, according to the Eurostat ranking, Belgium is also making significant progress in judicial and institutional reforms.

This takes into consideration homicide rates, crime reporting rates, trust in institutions, and perceptions of corruption.

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