Belgium: More people are becoming estate agents after property rates increases

A country which is famous for its love of building homes, it perhaps comes an as little surprise that Belgium has a record number of real estate agents, according to the annual report of the ‎Professional Institute of the Real Estate Agents (BIV).

In 2021, there were 10,950 real estate agents in the country, concentrated primarily in the Brussels region. The sector had grown significantly since ten years ago when there were 8,840 working the job.

Moreover, Aside from revealing that estate agents are most active in major cities (Brussels first followed by Antwerp), the report also shows that most real estate agents are male, with women making up only one-third of those on the job, although their number is increasing.

The average age of a real estate agent is 48 years.

Along with this, real estate agents must be approved by the BIV (Belgian institute of real estate agents) to be able to operate. To qualify, candidates must pass a competency test and complete an internship. Real estate agents must also receive annual training. In the event of non-compliance, disciplinary action will be taken.

Furthermore, in the previous year, 1,500 disciplinary cases were opened following a complaint or a proactive investigation. This led to 183 severe sanctions (32 total bans and 151 suspensions) and 113 light sanctions. The BIV also opened 408 files on illegal brokerage, 30 more than in 2020. Some 17 illegal practitioners of the job were forced to stop their activities.

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