Belgians faces issues with behavior of delivery drives, annoys people

Europe: The majority of people have been annoyed by delivery drivers. More than 80 percent of the residents of Belgium shop online. The new findings were published by the Vias institute for road safety after being commissioned by Deputy Prime Minister Petra De Sutter.

According to the study, the people living in Belgium are facing issues with parcel delivery drivers.

About 2,000 individuals have surveyed, and 72 percent mentioned that they were annoyed by the parcel delivery drivers on the roads and double-parked on the curbs. Even though the drivers were not breaking traffic rules, the number was the same.

Those questions were asked to rate a list of the actions by the delivery drivers on a scale of how acceptable they found them to be, from low acceptability to high acceptability. Moreover, from the scale, the surveyors found that mobile phone use, aggressive driving and speeding around schools were found to be the least acceptable actions from delivery drivers.

In contrast, the most acceptable actions were using hands-free mobile phones and slowly driving when looking for an address. In particular, 30 percent of respondents found parking on the cycling path to be tolerable.

Along with this, Vias also surveyed 100 delivery drivers as part of their study, finding over half of the drivers as a part of their study, finding over half of the drivers admit to driving too fast sometimes, including in school zones which is 56 percent. About 53 percent consider bike lanes and sidewalks to be convenient unloading zones. More than 60 percent admit to being distracted while driving, whether what be looking for the correct address or a notification on their phones.

To conclude their study, the surveyors asked the respondents if they would be willing to pay more for their parcels if that would mean better road safety practices were implemented. Thirty-eight percent agreed that they would be willing to pay more if that meant better working conditions for delivery drivers.

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