Who is Woah Vicky? How much is her Net Worth?

Victoria Rose “Vicky” Valdrip is an American YouTuber, Instagram Model, internet, and rappers from Georgia, best known online as Vicky (formally known as Woah Vicky). In mid-2017, she grew into fame when she posted a video on her Instagram account that claimed to be 25% African-American.

Quick facts about Woah Vicky

  • Her full name is Victoria Rose Waldrip.
  • She is 21 years old
  • She was born on 7 March 2000
  • She is from Atlanta, Georgia, United States
  • She is an American

How did she begin her career?

Woah Vicky

First, Victoria became famous in the Instagram picture sharing app. She became famous because she shared pictures of flashy designer clothes and high-end cars. Her big break occurred when rapper Snoop Dogg posted one of her social videos. Other rappers, such as Plies and Keef, have posted their videos and made online more popular.

She later deleted her first Instagram account because she made racist remarks that violated the site’s terms. Nevertheless, she has built a second account, which is the forum for sharing her content right away.

Woah has her own YouTube channel and Instagram, where she posts a range of material, including tutorials about twerking and rapping.

With his debut solo, ‘Went Out Bad, Bhabie,’ Vicky launched her music career in 2019. Several singles have since been released by Vicky, including “Don’t Like Me,” “Back N Forth,” “Cash App,” “In Da City,” etc. Vicky was the subject of a great deal of social media debate. She said in 2017 that she was Black in the past.

How is her Personal Life?

Woah Vicky

Victoria Rose Waldrip was born on 7 March 2000 in Atlanta, Georgia, known as the “Woah Vicky” on social media. She was raised in a little town and now lives in New York. She has a sister. Later, when growing up, Vicky dropped out of school. Her father taught her as a hostess for a period of time. But she later left her post as a host because she did not like being bossed around. Her arrest and an alleged attack on a police official, and her fabricated pregnancy with fellow social media star Papi J. She has come under fire for saying she is Black.

How much is Vicky Net Worth?

The approximate net value of Woah Vicky is $ 1 million. Woah has over 1.13 million YouTube subscribers, 2.9 million Instagram followers, 4.4 million TikTok followers, and 19,000 Twitter followers, respectively.

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