Welsh ‘dragon’ Dinosaur species discovered by Experts!

A very new species of dinosaurs which is closely linked to Tyrannosaurus rex have been discovered by the experts. However, these species are just near about the size of a chicken and that would probably control the perch about 200m years ago. Notably, these creatures would have been mini but are horrifying, and their fossil leftovers have been spotted near South Wales.

This species has been one of the most matured theropods, a kind of group that involves the modern birds and T rex mainly found in the regions of the United Kingdom.

This species is named ‘Pendraig milnerae- pendraig,’ and in middle Welsh and milnerae it means ‘chief dragon.’ They are named to honor the late Angela Milner, a stalwart of the dinosaur gallery of Natural History Museum, and an expert along with a deputy keeper of paleontology at the museum with an experience of more than 30 years.

In 1950, the fragmented fossils of Pendraig milnerae were found in South Wales’ quarry. However, in the last few recent years, it had been cached away in a drawer with few of the crocodile’s specimens till they were spotted by Milner.

However, some experts believe that the dinosaurs lodged between 200m and 214 m years back while the Late Triassic period. was doing on. A researcher at Natural History Museum, Stephan Spiekman in a statement claimed, “Pendraig milnerae resided for near about the begging of the unfolding of the meat-eating dinosaurs. Thus, this makes it clearly confirmed that the bones discovered are of the meat-eaters, but during the early evolution of this species, the animals were small in size. In contradiction, to the most popular meat- consuming dinosaurs such as T rex which evolved much later.”

Further, researcher Stephan and his team provided the name ‘dragon chief’ in order to show reverence to its likely position as the apex predators. Notably, Milner was the only one who played a crucial role in the remotion of the samples, and also she contributed massively to the discernment of theropod dinosaurs.

Further, the recognition of this new species also helped in supplying the confirmations for the possibilities of island dwarfism. Additionally, Spiekman also said, “The portions where these specimens have been discovered were simply like that of an island, during the time- span where they resided. The species which resided on the islands frequently tend to turn smaller in comparison to the mainland in a procedure named as ‘island dwarfism.'”

Further, the scientists have also clarified that the Pendraig was not completely developed, it was not possible to find out the conclusions related to this. It is highly very significant to get extra confirmation from more and more species to analyze the potential for island dwarfism in this region at that time, but if this gets proven then it would be the initially known happening of the evolutionary phenomenon.

The co-author and professor at the Birmingham University, Richard Butler, on the notes related to the dinosaurs said, “The discovery of the dinosaurs are really very infrequent in Wales, and this is only the third dinosaur species which is revealed from the country.”

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