War & Violence driven global displacement to new record (114 Million)

The number of people displaced by persecution, conflicts, violence and human rights violations throughout the world is anticipated to have exceeded 114 million at the end of September, the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR) announced Wednesday (October 25).

The main reasons for Human displacements are- 

  • Forced displacement due to ill-treatment
  • Conflict, violence and human rights violations
  • Events seriously disturbing public order, like disasters or feminine
  • Refugee resettlement
  • Forced displacement in countries due to Wars 

According to the latest report by the UN Refugee Agency, 110 million people were forcibly displaced worldwide as of the end of June, which is an increase of 1.6 million from the end of 2022. 

The report estimates that in the following three months, from June to September, the number of forcibly displaced people grew by 4 million, which brings the total to 114 million.

The conflict in the Middle East erupted on October 7 and is therefore not taken into account in the latest report in terms of human displacement. The calculation is the most heightened ever recorded by the agency since it began registering data in 1975.

In the first half of 2023, the main drivers of forced displacement were the war in Ukraine and conflicts in Sudan, the DRC and Myanmar, as well as a combination of drought, floods and insecurity in Somalia and a prolonged humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan, according to UNHCR.

The total figure includes internally displaced persons, refugees (under the UNHCR and UNRWA mandates), asylum seekers and other people in need of international protection. 

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