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India launches first luxurious cruise ship from India to Sri Lanka

India: According to various news sites from India, the Indian Union Minister for Port, Shipping, and Waterways, Sarbananda Sonowal, launched the first-ever Indian cruise ship to Sri Lanka from the Chennai Port on Monday.

Indian High Commission presents Buddhist culture at Colombo exhibition

In a bid to mark the 'Buddha Rashmi' National Vesak Festival at Seemamalakaya, Gangaramaya Temple of Colombo, the Indian High Commission in Colombo presented a special exhibition highlighting, which represented India's rich Buddhist heritage and culture.

New Delhi, India, helps Sri Lanka airline, says CEO of aircraft Richard Nuttall

India: Nowadays, India plays an important role in Srilankan airlines, and now the CEO of the aircraft company, Richard Nuttall, interviewed the media in which he said New Delhi, India, helped the Sri Lanka airline's economic crisis.

India becomes first country to land in Sri Lanka’s financial support

New Delhi, India: India handed the letter of support meant for financing and debt relief for Sri Lanka on January 16, 2023, therefore becoming the first country to extend its support for the island nation. Earlier in 2022 also, financial aid of $4.5 billion was mobilized for Colombo to tackle the financial crisis. Although Sri Lanka has upheld the China-funded white elephant project against India, the Indian government was the first to land in their support.

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