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Embassy of Belgium in Greece and Cyprus welcomes two new personnel to staff, Read Here

The Embassy of Belgium in Greece and Cyprus has welcomed new staff members to assist in better managing ambassadorial affairs. The new members of staff are both hardworking women. The embassy extended the two women a very warm welcome to their establishment.

Brussels funeral director becomes a social media celebrity on TikTok

Chelsea, a funeral director in Brussels, dislikes the drab perception of her line of work. She joined the #deathtok movement.

Social media posts falsely claims spike in hepatitis in children due to Covid-vaccines

Several social media posts have been falsely claiming that the recent increase in hepatitis among children is because of the COVID-19 vaccination, according to the reports.

Around 60% of Flemish individuals doubt if news is shown is correct or incorrect, shows data

Around 60 percent of the Flemish individuals have doubt if the news that is shown is correct or incorrect, as per the studies on the event of International Factcheck Day, on Saturday, 2 April.

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