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Germany: Nine killed in 2 separate car crashes

At least nine people were killed in two separate car crashes involving migrant smuggling in central Europe over the past two days

Italy struggles to relocate thousands of migrants arrived in Lampedusa

Lampedusa, Italy: The tiny Italian island of Lampedusa is facing a surge in migrant boats arriving from North Africa, with the number peaking at 7,000 people, even more than the entire island population, which generally had around 6,000

Germany: Federal Police arrests Syrian driver smuggling migrants

Kiefersfelden, Germany: German Federal Police informed that on September 2, 2023, an 18-year-old Syrian individual was caught smuggling eleven people across the border from Austria to Germany. He didn't even have a license, too

Moroccan immigrants humiliate and force a Belgian boy to kiss their feet

In Zelzate, a Flemish region in Belgium, a young boy was surrounded, beaten to tears, and humiliated as he was forced to get on his knees and kiss the feet of Moroccan migrants living in the country

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