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Belgian Residents Urged to Exercise Caution in France Amid Heightened Threat Level

The advisory urges Belgian citizens to exercise caution and avoid large gatherings or places with a high concentration of people following the French Government's decision to elevate its threat level

France: President Macron met families of kidnapped Israelis holding French residency

French President Emmanuel Macron met with the families of the kidnapped Israelis, who also have French citizenship. Those whose relatives were killed by Hamas were also present at the meeting

Paris becoming new Philadelphia, rise in homelessness and drug addicts

Paris, France: Noctis Draven, combat veteran, writer, and historical researcher, shared a glimpse of the capital of France, Paris, usually converting in Philadelphia as homeless and drug addicts people have slightly increased across the streets

Indo-French cooperation essential to manage global challenges in 2023: Emmanuel Bonne

The Diplomatic advisor to the French President Emmanuel Macron, Emmanuel Bonne, appreciated the good cooperation with India at the UNSC as well as reiterated the support of France to India.

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