Young Egyptian vulture rescued in Valche Pole, Bulgaria

Haskovo, Bulgaria: A young Egyptian vulture was rescued and taken from a nest of a pair of species in the area of Valche Pole village, Lyubimets municipality

Immigrants residing in territory reduced by 52% compared to 2021

Arrival flows and asylum applications for 2022 appear to have increased compared to 2021, according to data from the Ministry of Immigration and Asylum. At the same time, however, during this period, there was a decrease in the number of asylum seekers residing in the structures of the territory, an increase in voluntary departures and a decrease in the backlog of asylum.

India and Bhutan pledges to strengthen bond on India’s Republic Day

India: Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi greeted and thanked Bhutan counterpart Lotay Tshering for his warm wishes and message to India on its Republic Day. In a revert message, Modi wrote, "India is always known for its unique partnership with its neighbour."

Bus accident in Egypt claims 12 lives, injures 14

In a bus accident in southern Egypt, about 12 individuals have died, including a Belgian tourist, and the other 14 were injured on Wednesday, according to a representative from the governor's office of Aswan Province.

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