Suicide Squad by James Gunn is a Comic Thriller

(Viewer’s Discretion Advised as the following contain spoilers)

In James Gunn’s “The Suicide Squad,” Harley Quinn (played by Margot Robbie), in the first Suicide Squad and Birds of Prey Play a role in the squad) was captured and tortured by bad soldiers. She quickly killed the abuser because she was Harley Quinn, killing people should not be a problem for her now, but then she did something more impressive: in a smooth movement, Harley used his handcuffs to grab a key from the mob’s corpse. foot. , Then twist back to insert the key into the lock and release yourself. This is the kind of acrobatic stunt you expect the evil clown to do, but in an interview with the Hollywood Reporter, Gunn revealed that this is obviously the kind of stunt that the non-evil Australian woman Margot Robbie can do because she actually Did that action. . (Gunn points out that her face is covered, so you may not believe it, but insist that she is the one who makes the kind of distortion that looks painful.) This may be the most surprising thing about Gunn in the THR interview.

Reveal, but this is not the only one. one. First of all, Gunn said that Harley’s small task was originally an important part of the film, so he began to cut it when editing because he didn’t want to eventually “push the audience away” by diverting attention. In addition, during the editing, Gunn said that he was “a bit surprised” by the final level of violence in the film, which made us wonder how closely he paid attention to the scenes of Peacemaker and Bloodsport cleaning up the camp because it was damned. Violence. Elsewhere in the chat, Gunn mentioned that his boss Kevin Feige at Marvel Studios (of course, he is the producer of Gunn’s Guardians of the Galaxy movie) visited the Suicide Squad’s studio during production and was in their first place. The surprising villain Starro The Conqueror was shown on the second appearance.

This means that if Marvel finally rips Shangzhi or the upcoming Eternal Race by throwing a mind-controlling starfish, it will be Gunn’s fault. However, in fact, Gunn seems to be talking about Margot Robbie the most. She said she “may be the favorite actress I have worked with” because she has the ability to do many things with Harley Quinn, and she and John Cena are two people who “have no burden on their shoulders”. Gunn also said that he was able to “be Harley” when writing for this character, calling him “a terrible and wonderful place.” THR suggested that I should make a Harley Quinn (Harley Quinn) personal film, but avoided this question, and hinted that I do not necessarily hate to continue making comic movies, even if they are “some kind of comic movies”‘No. Not just “from comics.”

Many people would think that James Gunn’s “Suicide Squad” is an interesting reversal of the work of the screenwriter/director of Guardians of the Galaxy. After all, it is another group of helpless heroes who desperately defeated interstellar enemies. “Guardians of adults” can’t be completely wrong. However, the main influence on this humorous action-comedy is not the Star Jue but the poisonous Avengers. Gunn brought the B-level film humor and blatantly mature level of violence he perfected with Troma Entertainment in the 1990s into his first DC adaptation and even guest-starred his mentor Lloyd Kaufman. Only someone who writes “Tromeo and Juliet” can write something so absurd, vicious, and unapologetic, and the DC Universe is much better in this regard. Gunn cleverly avoided many of the problems in the opening scene of David Al’s version.

A corner of the DC Universe put more than a dozen characters into action (so we didn’t let us replay the introduction of Ayer’s fire in that hour or so). According to the record, this is a semi-sequel, semi-restart, in which some actors play the same role, but it is also an independent film. You don’t really need to watch yesterday (you probably shouldn’t have watched it), but it’s not a fresh start either. For example, Viola Davis (Viola Davis) was one of the returning characters from the previous movie, once again playing Amanda Waller, who is the head of Task Force X. The chips implanted in the back of their heads were put into battle. Complete the task and go to prosperity. Don’t do what they tell you, go prosperous.

Say bad things to Waller and do big things. Most of these anti-heroes will not return. Hence the name. Waller has summoned a crew to withdraw from the coast of a South American island called Corto Malta. It is directed by the glamorous Rick Flagg (a determined hero, Joel Kinnaman, used more effectively here) and the perpetually twisted Harley Quinn (Margot Robbie), but It also includes the roles of Captain Boomerang (Jay Courtney) and Guardian Black (Pete Davidson). ), TDK (Nathan Fillion), Javelin (Flula Borg), Mongal (Mayling Ng), and the nightmare fuel named Weasel (Sean Gunn), he is a six-foot-tall weasel with wide eyes. Accompanying Corto Maltese on his first mission was Savant (Gunn’s frequent guest Michael Rooker), who initially led the film to some extent.

When this group of people was going to die, another assembly landed on the opposite beach, basically distracting the first team. They are the true center of the “Suicide Squad”, composed of the natural leader Blood Harbor (Idris Elba), the blindly patriotic peacemaker (John Cena), and the insecure Dot guy (David Das Martian), the charming Mousetrap 2 (Daniela Melchior)), and the unforgettable Shark King (Sylvester Stallone), his basic superpowers seem to be He is eager to eat his enemies (if it comes down to his friends, it may be his friends). When Flag and Quinn joined the core, the movie really began. A team was sent to destroy the Nazi-era prison in the center of the island, only to discover that there was a powerful alien creature named Starro inside. There is a lot of confusion. Chaos is the key aesthetic choice here, but directing this sensory impact rather than getting lost in the noise is more difficult than it sounds, and this is Gunn’s greatest achievement here.

He has never lost his role in action like many poor modern blockbusters often do. Although the “Suicide Squad” looks like a roller coaster without brakes, it is actually a carefully adjusted action-comedy, where the rhythm of the comedy alternates with bursts of intense violence. In this sense, this is by far the most incredible violent superhero blockbuster, which makes “Deadpool” look a bit sweet. Not only did Gunn reach the realm of adulthood with his violence, but he also accepted the R rating that Marvel would never give him, allowing his limbs to be ripped off his body. The fate of his character usually comes with a voice. Nauseous and sticky. This is a movie full of fun in its action in a way that most modern blockbusters cannot. You can tell Gunn and his team has a good time, this kind of thing may be contagious.

The public knows when filmmakers follow in the company’s footsteps. The final movie will not happen, and Gunn did it out of enthusiasm for Tomar. He is also a truly underrated filmmaker in dealing with the actor’s comedy tone. The “Guardians” series of movies give people a refreshing feeling, because they remind people of charm and playfulness, and they are everywhere here. Robbie knows Quinn from the inside out at this time. Compared to yesterday, Gunn seems to have brought her back to her origins (even if only in the palette). Elba finally gained a strong lead in an action film and fixed it-the topic of how he can still be an outstanding James Bond should start again. He is very charming and even finds a little depth in the conflict that his character is forced to become heroic. They are the best, but everyone here is working to bring their own cheers to the party, which proves Gunn’s excellent ensemble skills.

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