Paul Pogba Future Still Unclear! What’s Happening in the Transfer Market?

According to the “Daily Star” report, Paul Pogba will continue to stay at Manchester United this season, but he intends to run out of his contract and start dreaming of moving to Real Madrid. Santiago Bernabeu, as part of the three consecutive championships, Real Madrid will also target Dortmund next season. Pogba’s current contract is only 12 months left. He was previously linked to the transfer to Paris Saint-Germain.

It is reported that Manchester United will ask for a fee of 50 million pounds to avoid missing a substantial transfer fee. If the player decides to fulfill the remaining part of the contract, the player’s wishes are respected. The midfielder was able to play in the season opener and had an outstanding day as he contributed 4 assists in Manchester United’s 5-1 victory over Leeds United. 

Paul Pogba shined at the Open on Saturday, but the Manchester United star still believes that his future is far from Old Trafford. “Football Insider,” wrote that several clubs have shown interest in the 23-year-old player, but the French team is expected to take action soon. The Celtics of Ange Postecoglou had previously hoped to provide their killer with £40 million and then reduced their asking price to an estimated cost of around £20 million. Sky Sports wrote that Liverpool defender Ben Davis will join Sheffield United on loan for the rest of the season. 

Paul Labile Pogba (Paul Labile Pogba, March 15, 1993 -) is a French professional football player who played for Manchester United and the French national team in the Premier League. He mainly serves as a midfielder, but can also serve as an offensive midfielder, defensive midfielder, and backcourt organizer. Born in Lani-sur-Marne, Pogba joined the Ligue 1 youth team in Le Havre in 2007 and moved to Manchester United two years later.

After starting his senior career at Manchester United two years later, limited appearances persuaded him to join Juventus on a free transfer in 2012, where he also helped the club win four consecutive Serie A titles, such as two Coppa Italia and two Serie A titles. Italian Super Cup champion. While in Italy, Pogba established himself as one of the most promising young players in the world, and won the Golden Boy Award in 2013, followed by the Bravo Award in 2014.

In 2016, Pogba was appointed as a member of the 2015 UEFA team after helping Juventus enter the 2015 UEFA Champions League final, and in 2015 FIFA FIFPro World XI, this is the first time in 12 years.

According to reports, the Blades are very interested in the former Preston central defender and are trying to negotiate a call option, but Jurgen Klopp’s team has no intention of permanently selling the 28-year-old player. The transaction is expected to be completed next week. According to Calciomercato, Lorenzo Insigne’s agent played down the possibility of a move to Zenit St. Petersburg.

The player has one year left on his contract, which has aroused interest in the Napoli winger throughout Europe. Arsenal and Atletico Madrid are two clubs, but they may face competition from Inter Milan, and Inter Milan also hopes to add the Italian international to their ranks. Sampdoria’s Mikel Damsgaard can still leave Serie A, and several clubs are interested in the 21-year-old. Calciomercato wrote that Tottenham Hotspur and Aston Villa are the two top teams, but it is believed that the Italian club needs to pay 35 million euros to accept the offer. Darmsgaard was an outstanding player from Denmark in the 2020 European Cup and scored a free kick in the semifinal against England.

Darío Benedetto may be ready to move to Real Betis, and Le10Sport wrote that his next move has been decided. According to reports, the Marseille striker failed to occupy a place in the starting lineup of former Naples striker Arcadius Milik and will therefore be loaned to La Liga. The 31-year-old forward scored 5 goals and 3 assists in 32 appearances at the club last season.

The 28-year-old forward returned to the Blues from Inter Milan, where he scored 64 goals in 95 appearances in the past two seasons and won the Serie A championship. In a wave of commotion in August 2011, Lukaku was only 18 years old when he first came to Chelsea from Anderlecht. However, the young prodigy only played 10 times in the league. In Chelsea’s three seasons, the two were loaned to West Bromwich Albion and Everton in the last season.

The young striker moved to Everton in the summer of 2014 on a permanent deal, and Chelsea recovered £31.8 million for an extra player they could not find useful. Fortunately, as his career gained momentum, Lukaku quickly began to find his place. A series of big moves followed. Manchester United and Inter Milan broke the club transfer records in 2017 and 2019 and signed the Belgian, but Lukaku’s latest move to Chelsea far surpassed him. Neymar will become the most expensive football player in history, at least in terms of the transfer fees he has accumulated during his career. The cumulative cost is 288.8 million pounds.

Divided into five transfers between the four clubs, Lukaku is now spending more than any other player. At the age of 28, he still has enough time to increase his checking account, assuming his second match at Chelsea is more productive than his first. Neymar has created nearly 280 million pounds in his career, proving his huge market value. Transfer fees, even if they only move twice. The first is a large-scale transfer to Barcelona, ​​and the second is a world record change that swept the two largest clubs. I will not bet that he will eventually regain the number one position. Ronaldo is one of the three players to break the £200 million mark in accumulated career costs, and he still provides excellent value-for-money services by providing a series of extremely consistent goals, trophies, and trophies. Titles, records, and personal honors were earned during his brilliant 19-year career. At 36, it may not add up to your total.

Cristiano Ronaldo (Cristiano Ronaldo) moved from Manchester United to Real Madrid at a world-record cost. It may be surprising to see Morata ranked so high, but the Spain international has risen in the rankings only by making many high-profile, high-value transfers between many elite European clubs. Whether any of them has actually been rewarded remains to be discussed. Before moving to Manchester United in the summer of 2014, Di Maria was part of the Galactic Revival at Real Madrid in recent days. Then the Argentine winger scored 4 goals in 32 games in his only playing time. A shaky season at Old Trafford, and then fled to Paris Saint-Germain at the earliest moments.

This decision was quickly proven, since he moved to the French capital, he has added no less than 17 trophies to the club-level honor roll. In society, it was his five-year transition at Atletico Madrid that really made Griezmann a star. This caused Barcelona to go bankrupt for a hard-working and elegant forward who has since contributed 35 goals in 99 games.

At the age of 30, he can transfer to Barcelona, ​​and the total number of Catalans may increase sooner or later. So far, they have seen the best of Dembele, mainly due to seemingly endless injuries that have so far prevented them from passing the Nou Camp. If the right offer appears, Barcelona will easily sell to another player. As an official of any other name, Ibrahimovic has been cutting and switching between most of the largest clubs in Europe during his long career, mostly headlines, and a considerable expense. If you want to know why the old Swedish striker recently flirted with Manchester United, Los Angeles Galaxy, and (returning) AC Milan is not on the list, it is because they are all classified as free agent transfers. Ibrahimovic’s career started late, and when the transfer fee really starts to rise, he will definitely be higher than No. 8.

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