Nintendo to release ‘Dr. Mario World’ for Android and iOS

Nintendo, in the first half of 2019, made an announcement that it would make its Dr. Mario puzzle game available on the mobile devices and the game will be launched in a new iteration. Now news has hit the market that the Dr. Mario puzzle game will be releasing on the mobile devices on July 10th. The game will be made available on both Android and iOS devices.

Our news sources have reported that Dr. Mario puzzle game is available for pre-order on the mobile devices and it is a free to play a game where players can exchange hearts with other players in order to gain extra stamina. The stages inside the game are pretty much interesting and will give a puzzle like atmosphere to the game. Players inside the game can also battle online in versus mode.

The main objective inside the game is to eliminate viruses which players can achieve by aligning the viruses with similarly-colored capsules. An array of stages inside the game have been designed to provide new challenges, and players have a limited number of capsules.

Besides this, there are in-app purchases inside the game, and these include optional “diamonds” that players can cash in for items. Players can also purchase new doctors with special skills or restore stamina instead of waiting for long to recover over time. Players inside the game can even earn stamina in gameplay with coins.

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