London: Man threw three petrol bombs and killed himself at migrant centre in Dover

London: A man threw three petrol bombs connected with fireworks at a new British immigration border force migrant centre in Dover and then killed himself.

This incident took place on Sunday. The white man, the attacker, was witnessed wearing a striped sweatshirt.

The man drove up to the centre, in Dover, in a white SEAT sports utility automobile. According to the photographer, he got out and hurled three petrol bombs.

Along with this, after the incident took place, the man tied an improvised noose all over his neck attached to a metal pole as well as drove off, killing himself.

The officers established that about two to three incendiary devices had been tossed into a Home Office immigration premises,” the police officials of Kent added to the statement.

“One minor injury has been reported. The suspect has been identified and located. Enquiries into the incident remain ongoing.”

The video that has been shared on social media showed the staff putting a small fire on the centre’s exterior wall.

A man threw at least three petrol bombs attached to fireworks at a centre for processing migrants in the southern English port of Dover on Sunday as well as then killed himself, as per the sources.

The photographer added that he then drove to a nearby petrol station, tied an improvised noose around his neck, attached it to a metal pole as well as drove off.

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