John Warner, the US Senator dies at 94!

John William Warner II, the former USA Senator from Virginia died at the age of 94. Notably, he served as a Senate, representing Virginia for about three decades. As per the former staff member, on Tuesday, John died due to heart failure surrounded by his wife Jeanne Warner and other family members. Also, none of the funeral-related announcements have been done.

William Warner initially served in the US Navy during World War II and the Marines during the Korean War. Later, in 1979, he later served as secretary of the Navy and as a Republican US senator, till 2009. Further, in 1978, John Warner was first elected to the Senate and served for five terms before retiring in 2009. His military experience led him to be one of the most respected voices in Washington on military and national security issues, serving as chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee. Warner was never hesitated to buck his party in several controversial instances and garnered wide respect across the political spectrum.

At the age of 17, John was enlisted in the US Navy during World War II. Later, he served as a US Marine in the Korean War. Between, 972 to 1974, John Warner served as secretary of the Navy for the Nixon administration from 1972 to 1974. During his time in office, Warner clashed with fellow Republican senators on domestic issues, voting in some cases for government funding of abortions and supporting some gun control measures. In 1994, he refused to support the conservative Republican candidate for Senate, Oliver North.
One of the Democrats, Gerry Connolly on Twitter mentioned, “He was a Gentleman who maintained civility in his politics in an era of rising intolerance.” Tim Kaine of Virginia, a Democratic Senator said, “He often turned for advice to Warner, whom he called a public servant who stood on principle, made us proud, and exemplified the best of what politics can be.”


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