How close is Robert Ellis Silberstein to his daughter, Tracee Ellis Ross?

It’s hard for you to deny Tracee Ellis Ross that she’s the daughter of Diana Ross because they could be twins. But they may also be twins when you see Ross by her father, Robert Ellis Silberstein. No mistake, she’s her parents’ dream mix.

Ross never existed in her shadow of the famousness of her kin. She was in showbiz for her own good career and gained a net worth of $16 million.

Ross may be very close to her mother, but what is her connection to Silberstein? It does not mean that her relationship with her dad collapsed, only because her marriage was not good.

Seeing them together is unusual, of course, but this is how their relationship really is.

Is Silberstein a family man?

Robert Ellis Silberstein

When Silberstein and Diana Ross met, she tried to choose a present for her former partner Berry Gordy, the founder of Motown. She saw him in the shop and came to him to inquire about his ideas about the gift.

But her relationship with Gordy did not work and she considered a baby and brought her up as a mum. Supreme songs were hoped for a family. But all changed when Silberstein began to see.

They realized they were made for one another after he bought them matching Red PJs, so they married in 1971.

Is Ross the father’s daughter?

Robert Ellis Silberstein

Ross did as Silberstein fell down his name and only became Robert Ellis. It was the result of being just as much a girl of her father as her mother. She explained this change. People will still compare it to the mother, but father and daughter have several similarities. Ross says she gets her flawless taste, not just from her mother but her father too, and acknowledges her ‘Jewish self’ when she speaks to her father or her Jewish accent in New York.

She told Larry King that when I was at Girlfriends, they had to edit about my oy’s.

Silberstein publishes a lot of pictures of himself and Ross, and also shares stuff about her Black-ish show, to encourage her.

Ross loves her parents equally, long story short. Although she had her mother’s most exhibition skills, she got her father’s humor, attitude, and precious smile.

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