England: PM to announce whether free PCR tests will come to end

In England, on Monday, Prime Minister Boris Johnson is going to declare free of cost PCT test that will be lifted up for the majority of the individuals with the symptoms of the COVID.

As per the information provided by the source, the free lab test could potentially be discarded besides for the individuals that are suffering from extremely vulnerability as well as the patients in the hospitals and care homes under new cost-cutting plans.

About the objectives, the representative of the Prime Minister mentioned, “We have not made any final decision related to the future of testing.”

“We have stated that the free testing will be ended at the right moment. Those decisions are important to be made in this week, both in terms of when the time is and what is retained.”

However, the vaccination for the young ones of the age of 5 to 11 has been postponed as the ministers have made the decision to whether or not to approve the Joint Committee on the Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI) offer to provide this age group with the vaccine shots against the COVID vaccine on a non-urgent basis.

The plan came into existence one week before. According to the reports, the government and the JCVI are at odds, and Prime Minister Boris Johnson is set to make his decision on the 21st of February when he delivers his Living with COVID proposal to parliament.




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