Disneyland is All Set To Re-Open With Proper COVID Guidelines As Stated By The Workers to California Government

Disneyland was planned to get re-opened some times before for managing the degrading economy. But they had a loophole in their rules and regulations for COVID that allowed the guests to walk without wearing those safety masks. 


Now, they have changed their regulations and made it clear to guests that masks are mandatory while walking around Disneyland. Along with that, people are now not allowed to eat while they are moving around the park. They shall only eat their snacks while stationary. 


Earlier the theme park was designated to open on 17th July which was then decided to pull-off due to COVID cases rising in those months. Due to this, many employees have lost their jobs, and the economic situations went critical. 


Now, Disneyland says that they can operate the theme parks safely with all the COVID guidelines in mind. There is no such news from the California State Officials on the verdict of re-opening of Disneyland and other such theme parks. The Disneyland workers say that they can now operate the parks and its services without the fear of spreading the coronavirus. 

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