Drug Violence Plagues Peterbos Housing Estate in Anderlecht: Residents Cry for Help Amidst Gang Domination

Reports indicate that the neighborhood has fallen under the control of former residents, including teenagers and minors as young as 10, with ties to drug clans in Marseille, France

Farmers Block Access to Antwerp Port in Protest Against Agricultural Policy

The protest, organized by individual farmers, aims to disrupt heavy bulk transport while allowing essential services and perishable goods to pass through the filter blockades

Antwerp and Zeebrugge Ports Witness 9% Surge in Vehicle Handling Amid Capacity Challenges

This surge, bringing the total to 3.56 million units, marks a significant milestone for the ports, showcasing their pivotal role in facilitating the movement of vehicles across the continent

European Farmers’ Protests Force Policy Reversals, But Challenges Persist

Reflecting on the unprecedented demonstration, Delobel acknowledges the impact it wielded. "We have been listened to," he affirms, underscoring the necessity of sustained pressure from farmers across Europe

‘The Real ‘Snow White’ Believed to Be Buried Under Brussels Bourse

The picturesque forests of Waldeck, where Margaretha spent her formative years, echo the enchanted woods of the fairy tale. The woodlands, coupled with the presence of mines in the region, resemble the setting of Snow White's adventures with the Seven Dwarfs

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