Unsettled Weather Pattern Sweeps Across Belgium, Bringing Varied Conditions

Brussels, July 6, 2024 – Belgium braces for a turbulent weather weekend as a mix of rain, gusty winds, and occasional sunshine marks the forecast across the region.

The Royal Meteorological Institute has issued alerts across the country, predicting a dynamic weather scenario starting Saturday morning. Rain and intermittent showers are anticipated to move from coastal regions, sweeping through to the Ardennes, gradually clearing by mid-afternoon.

However, the respite will be short-lived as sunny intervals are expected to follow, offering brief glimpses of clearer skies.

Temperature highs will vary significantly across the landscape, with cooler conditions prevailing in the High Ardennes at 17 degrees Celsius, while warmer temperatures of up to 21 degrees Celsius are forecasted in Flanders.

Wind intensity poses another concern, with moderate to strong gusts expected. Northwestern regions and the Ardennes may experience gusts ranging from 60 to locally 70 km/h, while coastal areas could face even stronger winds ranging from 70 to 80 km/h.

Heading into Saturday evening, there remains a slight chance of lingering showers in the northwest, though the night is predicted to bring clearer conditions initially.

However, high cloud cover from the west may bring a resurgence of showers along the coast, accompanied by cooling temperatures dipping to lows of 6 degrees Celsius in the High Fagnes, 10 degrees Celsius in central regions, and 12 degrees Celsius along the coast, with moderate winds persisting through the night.

Sunday’s weather outlook continues to be unsettled with intermittent sunshine veiled by high clouds quickly giving way to very cloudy conditions and showers, particularly in the northwest of Belgium.

Maximum temperatures are expected to hover between 16 and 18 degrees Celsius in the Ardennes and slightly warmer at 18 to 20 degrees Celsius elsewhere, accompanied by moderate winds that may strengthen along the coast.

This unsettled weather pattern is projected to extend into Monday before a shift occurs. By Tuesday, temperatures are forecasted to rise significantly, potentially reaching up to 28 degrees Celsius, marking a return to warmer, drier conditions.

However, the day may end with incoming showers from France, possibly bringing thunderstorms to parts of Belgium.As Belgium navigates through this weekend’s weather challenges, residents are advised to stay informed of updates from local authorities and prepare accordingly for varying conditions across the region.

For more detailed and up-to-date weather forecasts, please refer to the Royal Meteorological Institute’s official announcements and alerts.

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