Ukrainian Orthodox Church in Genk celebrates festive Episcopal liturgy

Belgium: The Ukrainian Orthodox Church in Genk celebrated the festive Episcopal liturgy on the occasion of the 22 years of the priesthood and the retirement of Father Vitaliy. Also, the parish was solemnly handover to Father Mykola.

The liturgy was held with the participation of Archbishop Daniel from the United States.

The Mayor of Genk Wim Dries also joined the festive liturgy. Our gratitude to Mayor for his kind words about Father Vitaliy and for his strong support and solidarity with Ukraine.

The embassy of war torn Ukraine in Belgium took to their official Facebook account. It noted, “We thank Father Vitaliy for his service and for his prayers for the health and life of all Ukrainians and our Ukraine.”

They expressed gratitude to Kris Beckers, Honorary Consul of Ukraine in Belgium, officials of the Embassy of Ukraine in the Kingdom of Belgium joined us at the ceremony as well as congratulated Father Vitaliy on his well-deserved retirement.
“God bless Ukraine and every Ukrainian!”

Also, the civil association Bplus Belgium presented the annual Prize for Political Courage to Ukraine and the Ukrainian people.

This Prize is an award from the Belgian civil association BPlus, which stands for a modern, federal, and united Belgium.

The laureates of the Prize for Political Courage are representatives of different circles of society (politicians, artists, actors, etc.) who have distinguished themselves with courage and strength in defending the unity of the Belgian community.

In 2021, the Prize for Political Courage was awarded to Sophie Wilmès, former Minister of Foreign Affairs and prof. Marc Van Ranst.

Since the very beginning of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, BPlus has been sympathizing with and, at the same time, admiring the entire Ukrainian people, who stand firmly and courageously for the country, for their desire to be free, and for the democratic values of the whole of Europe. This is why BPlus has decided to dedicate its award to Ukraine this year.

Our deep gratitude to Tony Van De Calseyde, President of BPlus, all team of BPlus, sculptor Kris Van Gent, who became the author of the award, as well as Peter Broos and Joshi Hermans for the performance of the Ukrainian and Belgian national anthems.

Special thanks to Lenara Osmanova (the ethnic Crimean Tatar, Qırımlı), who sang the Ukrainian anthem with incredible warmth in her heart.

“This award is dedicated to our brave and invincible Ukrainian defenders, thanks to whom our victory is getting closer every day!”, – Chargé d’Affaires Nataliia Anoshyna.

Boundless gratitude for solidarity, for supporting and rooting for our country, which right now stands for the whole world.

Today everyone admires Ukraine and Ukrainians, admires our courage and resilience, and strives for victory. And we all know that “Ukraine will definitely win. Our victory will be very soon!”



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