Ukrainian embassy in Belgium hosts conference to discuss ways to protect children in armed conflict

Belgium: The embassy of Ukraine in Luxembourg, Belgium hosted a conference on one of the most important topics of our reality – “Children in armed conflict: how can they be protected in a multilevel international framework”.

The embassy of Ukraine in the Kingdom of Belgium shared the information through their official Facebook account about the conference that took place in Luxembourg for the young ones in the armed conflict.

Along with this, the Embassy of Ukraine in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg expresses its deep gratitude to the special guest speaker HRH the Grand Duchess Maria Teresa of Luxembourg, for Her support of Ukraine and for Her incredible speech, in which HRH noted Ukrainian children who became victims of Russian aggression.

They expressed gratitude to all of the speakers for talking about the suffering of Ukrainian children as well as the importance of shopping the violation of the essential right of every child, the right to life.

In addition, they stated, “Our gratitude to the organizers and the Italian Embassy in Luxembourg, under whose patronage the conference that took place. We believe that in the near future, justice will prevail because every child from war-torn nation, like every other child in the world, deserves a peaceful and happy childhood!”

On the other hand, the Embassy of Ukraine in the Kingdom of Belgium shared an update on the photo exhibition of Roman Minin.

La Galerie Mhaata, which is an art gallery in Brussels, opened an exhibition of the famous contemporary Ukrainian photographer, graphic artist, muralist, organizer of street art festivals, and founder of SMS art and TRANSMONUMENTALISM Roman Minin.

A talented artist who creates incredible and lively works through the use of virtual and augmented reality.

“Premonition” is an exhibition dedicated to Roman’s photographs of the Ukrainian city of Kharkiv, which were taken ten years ago. Enhanced by the colours of the time when they were made, the artist offered a premonition of what would happen later in Ukraine.

They have invited everyone to visit the photo exhibition and see one of the Ukrainian cities through the prism of the artist’s view and life experience. The exhibition will last until December 18, 2022.

Furthermore, the venue of the exhibition is 37-39 rue des Capucins, Brussels, Belgium.

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