Ukrainian 95 separate assault brigade shares story of mortar clearing driver

The Ukrainian 95 separate amphibious assault brigades of the Armed Forces of Ukraine shared the story of a mortar clearing driver who built domes for churches across Ukraine and now fights in Donbas as part of the glorious 95th brigade of the army.

His name was Vasyl, working with 95 separate amphibious assault brigade in combat positions. Before the beginning of a large-scale invasion of Russia in Ukraine, Vasyl made and erected domes over churches in Brovary, Kharkiv and Mykolaiv.

He studied the skills of working with coloured metal in Portugal. The man dreams that no enemy will remain in Ukraine, and then he will be able to return to his favourite job.

“I joined the army in the summer of last year. Everyone waited for the event, and then it came himself. I decided that I should be here. Taken in the dšv, first cooked as a stormman, but eventually got into the mortar account. I love it here; everyone has become like family now. I wouldn’t trade my unit for anyone else. I want to meet the Victory with him,” says Vasily.

He commented that the main task of the paratrooper is to bring the missiles for the reckoning. And all of this should be done quickly in a situation where almost all areas are being shot.

Now, the intensity of the combat has decreased a little. Still, for Vasyl, work is always enough – he has, regardless of the conditions, to deliver the “load” quickly where Ukrainian mortars were positioned.

He said, “We work both day and night. A dark driver can’t turn on the headlights without impersonating himself. I’m oriented in the forest very well, so I drive without lights at all at any time – although there will be thick fog”.

Vasil further remarked, “Maybe my hunter skills are helping me. That’s why it’s enough for me to drive through the property once, and I know it by heart. Oriêntuûs ран in the dark easily and quickly, I can drive the refill or remove the injured. Unfortunately, it used to be like that too”.

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