UK singer Kirsty McGee shares update on her Europe tour

United Kingdom: Award-winning UK singer & songwriter Kirsty McGee, shared an update regarding her EU touring, she wrote a response to an email that she received.

Read here the full email response of Kirsty McGee:

Just thought I would share an update regarding EU touring! This was written as a response to an email I received & I figured it might be useful for sharing!


Many thanks for your kind email.

It’s true, I haven’t played in Germany now for several years. When Brexit happened I realised it would raise the cost of touring by a prohibitive amount & increase the difficulty of travel, the cost of petrol & the paperwork required to play shows.

I was already feeling like the pressure, stress & time it took to book a tour was not really worth the money it could generate: cd sales used to help artists to raise income but streaming has cut into that & long distance travel means I prefer to tour with another artist so sales & fees are split between the two…

It’s such a shame to have to stop EU touring after doing it for so many years & I miss my folks in all the countries that I used to be fortunate enough to visit. Needless to say I would always be happy to play a show if someone were to organise it & I could make it financially viable…

I reached a point with the pandemic where I considered stopping live work altogether but I’ve recently played a couple of local shows & enjoyed the experience. I would love to come back but I’m just not sure how to make it work!

Watch this space, I guess & thank you for remembering me. I have a couple of projects in the pipeline so if you’d like to hear about them do please sign up to the mailing list. I haven’t sent out anything for a year or two so I can certainly promise I won’t be spamming you!


All the very best of the season.

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