Tourist Guide Pamela shares update of her 70th day in Munich

Germany: Tourist Guide of Singapore, Pamela, also known as “Pam Goes Travelling,” shared the update on her 70th day in Munich, Germany. She joined a tour of the Dachau concentration camp.

She shared the information through her official social media, “Day 70 – Joined a tour to Dachau concentration camp, the first camp that was built by Nazi Germany in the 1930s first to house the political opponents then later when the regime was deep into the war, POWs from Jews, Romani, Russians and many others from the places where Germans occupied were detained here too.”


This was a labour camp where the detainees suffered brutal treatment, and some died in the camp and never got to see the light when the U.S. forces liberated the camp in April 1945. ⁣

The cremation room gave her chills, she said. The painful and dark history is something people can all learn from, and no one should suffer just because of a man’s glory for new territories. During a war, all the men fighting just become a number, part of the statistic to the General. ⁣

After the heavy-hearted morning, she returned back to the city centre and ate a comforting warm meal of fish soup before returning back to my base to pack for a “pre-weekend” getaway. ⁣

⁣She lived life dangerously because Pamela found herself searching frantically for the train station and the right platform to be at minutes before the train to Tegernsee departed. She stated, “Haha, even Felicien was stressed waiting for me at the platform because missing the train meant we had to wait another hour for the next one.⁣”

The Metro, S-Bahn and Train station confused me for a moment with all the different signages and directions. “Although I proclaimed I was a city girl, I guess my city-ness was only limited to Singapore.”

Furthermore, she got into the Airbnb in the evening and cooked instant noodles for dinner before calling it an early night.

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