Tour guide Pamela shares best and memorable moments in Germany

Germany: Tour guide Pamela shared the experience of her wonderful trip to Tegernsee, Bavaria, Germany. Pam goes travelling took to her official social media account. 

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Day 71: How we ended up in Tegernsee for a getaway hiking was because all I said was, let’s do a hike! After all, I already had my hiking gears with me so might as well utilise them and it was nice to return to the nature instead of being in the city all the time. I became a follower and left all the decision making to Felicien to decide where to go and which route to take. I not so secretly enjoy leaving the planning to others and just follow sometimes and rest the brain.


I was a little worried about the weather because there was a warning of a high chance of rain and possible snow. Basically, I didn’t feel prepared for the cold but whatever, we are still gonna do it anyway. Struggled but we woke up early as planned. Bought out lunch from a bakery and enjoyed our breakfast by the lake before we went on the Gindelalmen Loop hike. 

I even enjoyed the uphill climbs, what a changed person I’ve became! I mean, I was a lot fitter and I climbed without a backpack, can’t complain! It took us about 4 hours to complete the hike. We even took a break stop for some glühwein in a restaurant to hideout while we waited for the first wave of rain to pass. 

At one point, there were tiny snowflakes but because it wasn’t cold enough once it hit us, it turned into water immediately. Still cool enough, close enough. ⁣

After the hike, we retired back to the airbnb for a siesta and just doing nothing. Happy to be indoor and warm for the rest of the day. 

Honestly, I have mad respect for people who can get out of bed on time during cold winter days because most of the days, I struggled to get out of bed (even though I was on a holiday). All I wanna do is to snuggle in bed and hibernate. 

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