UK citizens, who are unvaccinated will now be able to travel to France: Authorities

The citizens in the United Kingdom who have not yet been vaccinated against the COVID-19 infection will now be able to get entry in France under the facilitated entry rules as the latter has made the decision to place the UK on the green list.

France lifts obligations to be vaccinated to access most venues

In France, on March 14, Monday the authorities have declared that the obligation of the vaccination mandates had been lifted up. The individuals can travel to the majority of the places and events in the nation without any issue.

French Prez Macron sit far from Russian Prez Putin for refusing to Covid test

On 11th February, Friday, the President of France Emmanuel Macron has refused to take the Russian COVID test, so he was made to sit...

France: Freedom Convoy to block Paris over COVID restrictions’

In France, the protestors from various parts of Europe took to the street in outrage against the restrictions of the COVID-19 pandemic and dove...

France: Novak Djokovic might play following new COVID rules

In France, the leading and prominent player Novak Djokovic will have the consent to uphold his title in the French Open in the midst...

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