Srinagar: SKICC hosts first ever International Conference, spreads message of Sufism and Brotherhood

Srinagar hosted the first-ever International Conference on Sufism and Brotherhood at Sher-i-Kashmir International Convention Centre (SKICC) on the banks of Dal Lake.

They organized the first Conference on the International level on Sufism and Brotherhood, according to the information shared by Asian News International (ANI).

The Voice for Peace & Justice hosted the first-ever Conference in which all the religious experts, as well as intellectuals from the entire globe, participated.

All of the people who attended the Conference have raised their voices against extremism as well as prayed for brotherhood and freedom.

Along with this, the first-ever Conference, which was organized for the benefit of the whole community, sought to re-establish relations between Indian and Kashmiri cultures.

Image Courtesy: Youtube ANI (Srinagar: SKICC hosts first ever International Conference, spreads message of Sufism and Brotherhood)

Also, the conference organizer, Farooq Ganderbalthe, outlined, a wider globe through Sufi spiritual learnings. Moreover, Islamic scholars from over 16 nations, including Turkey, Sri Lanka, Switzerland, Germany, Maldives, Tanzania, as well as France, joined their Indian Counterparts at the time of the event.

During the meeting, it was highlighted that the revival of Sufism in Kashmir was the only way to impose peace on the Valley, which has been a flashpoint of conflict as well as bloodshed for decades.

On the other hand, Syed Tayabul Basher, a Sufi Scholar, in Bangladesh, and President of Voice for Peace & Justice, mentioned in the statement, “Sufism in a single word means harmony and peace, so anything which is associated with Sufism is peace and harmony.”

It is humbleness, it is peace for all of the people, irrespective of race, religion, culture and peace.

Sheikh Esref Efendi, Global Peace Ambassador, Turke, asserted, all he mentioned is that all of the people belong to all humans, belong to the one and that they are all brothers and sisters.

The Director, of Darbar Ahli Sunnet, Sayeed Javed Ali Naqashbandi, stated, the message that comes out from Sufism is that the individual who gives up humanity becomes a terrorist.

He further highlighted, Sufism instils the feeling of humanity in a person. Sufism teaches people to live in harmony and peace.

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