Several people get selfish when it comes to local sports in Dominica: DA Sportz Vybez

Roseau, Dominica: DA Sports Vybez on Monday has alleged that “several people get selfish when it comes to local sports across Dominica.”

They further added that “Once their event goes as planned, once they get the praise, and once their names keep ringing as organizers, they care shit about the overall outcomes in the sport.”

They have alleged that the sports sector of Dominica is managed by several people who have their jobs as well as Sports are secondary to most of them.

Once they get their side money, once they travel, once they hold the fight to block others, they care about athletes. They mentioned that they were required to talk about their athletes.

Along with this, the main goal of DAsportsVYBEZ’s is to push sports in Dominica forward by motivating athletes.

They shared the post through their official social media account and mentioned in the statement, “Let’s treat our Athletes like Messi, Bolt, Jordon, etc. Engage and work with others. Administrators need to be inclusive because it’s not about them but the athletes.

Too many times, they put so many others before their own.

Moreover, they said, it was just not believable that the responses their Athletes were getting. DA Sports Vybez members said, “When you look at some of these athletes’ achievements, more need to be done. It starts with us. SIMPLY SHARE THE POST. Thanks to the people who keep working with DAsportsVYBEZ. We believe that we have to die on our own. We will continue to promote our athletes with no discrimination. The new year is coming, and local Athletes, we push. “Local we pushing.”

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