Russia launched combined attack using drones and missiles from Tu-95ms strategic aircraft

Promote Ukraine, a Ukrainian organisation in Brussels, reported that Russia has recently launched a massive combined attack using drones and missiles. First, the Russians used combat UAVs. Soon, missiles launched from Tu-95ms strategic aircraft flew at the capital.

In general, more than 20 enemy targets were destroyed by the air defence forces and means claims the Ukrainian Defense Ministry. As a result of the Russian attack, two people were killed, and houses were damaged.

Ukraine also claims Chinese involvement in this conflict. As per Ukrainian claims, The Yermak-McFaul International Working Group on Sanctions Against the Russian Federation has found that China is now the leading supplier of critical components for Russian drones.

The group suggests intensifying control over foreign components that Russia uses in its drones. As the President’s Office informs, the Russian army regularly uses three main models of drones: Shahed-136/131, Lancet, and Orlan-10.

The experts examined 174 foreign components removed from three UAV models used by Russian troops on the battlefield in Ukraine. The specialists concluded that Russia still relies heavily on foreign-made components, including microelectronics, to produce UAVs.

On the other hand, Ukraine has launched several drone strikes inside Russia. It was the biggest drone strike and attack inside Russian territory.

In the airport of Pskov, a fire started after the drone attack and four transport planes were damaged, according to Russian news agency TASS. Drone attacks have also been reported in Moscow, Oryol, Bryansk, Ryazan and Kalouga regions.

During the Czech Ambassador Dmytro Keluba conference, the Ukrainian Minister of Foreign Affairs said that Ukraine has already ramped up domestic production of armaments and ammunition several times.

This means that Ukraine also developed many exclusive Ukrainian know-how and technologies. He added in this context that Ukraine would hold a significant event this autumn.

The first Defense Industries Forum will allow Ukrainian and foreign producers to launch joint ventures, enter into alliances, sign contracts, and explore opportunities for growing together. Hundreds of leading defence companies from dozens of countries were already invited.

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